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In order to provide the best experience for all members and guests, we ask that everyone adhere to the guidelines of Thrive Fitness.

Basic Conduct

It's our goal to provide a stress free and enjoyable environment for all members. Members and guests are required to behave in a well mannered and courteous way to other members, guests, and staff. If playing your own music, please use headphones. Chalk may be used on the gym floor but be advised, any residue of chalk left on bars, benches, weights, or floor must be wiped clean after usage.


All members and guests should be dressed appropriately while using the club facilities. Shirts are required at all times. Closed toe shoes are recommended, open toe shoes such as sandals and socks only are not recommended, but may be worn at the member or guests own risk. 

Access to the Gym

All members must scan in with their access card at the door to enter the gym. If you do not have it with you, please check in at the front desk to have your visit logged manually. If a member is more than 2 months past due, access may be denied until the past due amount is brought current. Lost access cards will result in a replacement charge of $10. Do not share your access card with other members or guests, those who are in violation of sharing their access card to let someone else in may be subject to suspension of membership, or termination of membership if repeated. 

Guest Policy 

All guests must use the gym during staffed hours and are subject  to a $5 guest fee per visit, must sign a guest waiver to use the facility and present a valid picture ID to complete the guest registration process.  All guests must abide by the gym rules and policies when using the facility. If accompanied by a member, the member is responsible fore the actions of the guest. 

Membership Cancellation

In order to cancel a membership, it is required to visit the gym during staffed hours. All cancellations require 30 days notice and your access card must be returned upon cancellation. if applicable, a  cancellation fee may be charged if canceling prior to a 12 month commitment fulfillment. Once a membership is cancelled a confirmation will be sent to the email on file for your records. 

Lost Items

Contact the Manager regarding lost items. While every attempt is made to safeguard lost items, we cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items. Items left behind are collected and stored until claimed for up to 30 days.  Unclaimed items will be donated to a non-profit organization.

Locker Access

Locker access is available to all members. Items stored may not be left overnight without prior consent by the Manager. Locks must be supplied by the member or guest and Thrive Fitness is not responsible for any lost or stolen items from the locker room. Any unauthorized overnight usage of lockers  will result in the lock being cut off and items will be tagged and stored until claimed by the member or guest. If a lock is cut to gain access to a locker, Thrive Fitness is not responsible for reimbursement of the cost of the lock. 

Gym Floor Etiquette

  1. Wipe down any equipment you use when you are done.

  2. Put all weights and equipment away in their appropriate place when you are done with them. 

  3. Don't hog equipment If taking long rest periods be courteous and allow someone to work in between sets.

  4. Don't stand too close to the dumbbell rack.  Grab your weights and step back, because this is a high traffic area. 

  5. Respect that the gym is a shared space.

  6. Avoid excess chitchat so other members/guests can get it and get out. 

  7.  Be mindful of your surroundings.

  8. Don't overdo it on colognes/perfumes

  9. Refrain from yelling and using profanity

  10. During busy times, avoid leaving your gym bag on the gym floor. Please use the appropriate dedicated areas.